Massacre Conspiracy

MembersAsh - Screams
Emy - Drum
Sonny - Guitar/Vocal
Godoy - Guitar
One jet - Bass
Ax - Keys/Synth
With members that are still nearly 20 by the year of 2008, it would be easy to dismiss Massacre Conspiracy as a novelty act. Massacre Conspiracy is a metalcore band, consisting of current solid line-up; Ash (mid metalcore screams), Sonny (guitar/vocal), Godoy (guitar), One Jet (bass), Emy (drums) and Ax (keys/synths/effects). Also known as MC16, they are mostly known for their upbeat music and interesting live performance.

Early months after the formation of the band, MC16 has self produced their ever first single “Start Looking towards the Sky” and they took every chance to promote their single by hitting all the stages on every show they get around Kuala Lumpur. Through all those shows they have performed, they surprisingly gained many attentions from crowds and other underground acts.

MC16 changes their genre to melodic metalcore soon after Ax offers himself to join the band in late 2008. Several months after that in early 2009, both of their founding members - Ali and Ashy had to call it quit due to commitment issues. In those hard times without the full line-up as a complete band, MC16 took every effort that counts to release their demo CD “The Prophecies”. MC16 has created a growing buzz for them with their exciting melodic metalcore genre, resulting in gaining massive positive reviews especially by ROTTW, not to forget some critics from other professionals.

A quick search for guitarist and bassist takes place when they are starting to get even more serious in producing even more materials. MC16 decided to took One Jet to fill in bass player. Godoy, later after that joined the band as guitarist. With their current solid line-up now, MC16 released another hit single “Bloodless”. The song was played more than 10, 000 times within several months since its release and it’s an impressive number for a fresh band like them.

Late 2009, MC16 entered ROTTW Soundstage and has been crowned as the winner of the year. They still keep on hitting the stage around Malaysia without any hesitation being ROTTW Soundstage’s champion. In late 2010, Mio has decided to quit due to commitment issues. December 2010 marks the history when they have been chosen to play Rock the World along with other mainstream artists in Malaysia, being the youngest act to perform on the stage in Rock the World’s history.

2011 was the best year so far for MC16, being selected to be opening act for big international acts such as Carnifex, Eyes Set to Kill, Suicide Silence, The Used, All Time Low, Story of the Year and more. More than that, they have been chosen to be part of Destroy Shred Destroy band line-up for 3 series. They entered Hotsound Studio’s Battle of the Bands and Planet Rox and won both of it. Being Planet Rox’s champion, MC16 has been given the chance to perform at one of the top Canada’s annual music festival Envol et Mecadam, sharing the same stage with the legendary As I Lay Dying.

It was a good exposure and that leads them towards the production of their full-length album that has yet to be titled. The date hasn’t been confirmed for now.

Massacre Conspiracy - Song List:

1. All Hope Remains Dead
2. Bloodless
3. Karma
4. Obey
5. Start Looking Towards The Sky

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